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The word “vegetarian” is derived from Latin “vegetus” which means “perfect, healthy, fresh and lively.” It’s helpful to remember the meaning of this word.

Why Vegan/Vegetarian

Veganism is more than to avoid eating everything that has blood running through its veins or just a living being with a mother. There are lots of people that determine to be vegan out of empathy for animals which is a personal choice. Veganism is stuffed with misinterpretation and myth, in view that, an individual surviving on just potato chips and diet soda is usually said to be following a vegan diet; however, can it be regarded healthy? It is a question of healthy choices, and more individuals are choosing this lifestyle for the numerous health benefits that it gives.

Vegans are reported to have low rates of obesity and also weigh around 5 to 20 percent much less than people who consume meat. In addition to low BMI (body mass index) vegans likewise have the benefit of reduced risk of severe illnesses including type II diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. This is not all, a vegan's diet comprises of a greater consumption of fruit and veggies that can reduce the chances of certain cancer, particularly colon cancer. A vegan diet claims to give more vigor and younger looking skin. One cannot precisely assess if these claims are true, yet there are evidently a lot of scientifically proven benefits to a vegan diet. This has helped the diet gain prominence among celebrities.
Those who claim that meat and other dairy foods are the sole sources of protein are not right. When a vegan diet is well planned, it will provide all the nutrients; rich in protein, vitamins, iron and other minerals. Plant-based diets are packed with antioxidants, high fiber and low saturated fats. Excessive animal protein can in due course strain your kidneys and may also become fat deposits.

Are you aware that usually on an average, a person who weighs around 63kilos (140 pounds) should only take fifty grams of protein daily. For a vegan, that can readily come from a cupful of lentils, spinach or any other soy products. Furthermore, a vegan diet is far more economical, and it is centered on seeds, legumes and grains that are quite inexpensive.
Vegetarian diets are more nutritive than the typical American diet, specifically in preventing, treating or perhaps reversing heart disease and also lowering the risk of cancer. A low-fat vegetarian diet is a recommended way to abort the progression of coronary artery disease or simply prevent it completely. Cardiovascular disease kills one million US residents each year and is the prominent cause of death in the US. However, the mortality rate for cardiovascular disease is much lower in vegetarians than in non-vegetarians. A vegetarian diet is essentially healthful because vegetarians consume less animal fat and cholesterol; rather they consume more fiber and more antioxidant-rich products.

Besides the several health benefits, going vegan can do wonders for the planet. The meat industry along with other animal products is accountable for twenty percent of the man-made pollution. Our society needs to pay a huge price for a meat-based diet triggers species extinction, habitat loss, and deforestation. It's equally contributes to malnutrition, as increasingly more land is used to cultivate cash crops for the purpose of feeding animals rather than food for the human population.
Moreover, veganism is the sustainable option when it comes to preserving our planet; plant-based living is furthermore a sustainable means of feeding the human population. A plant based diet requires barely one-third of the land needed to support a dairy diet. With increasing global food and water insecurity as a result of all sorts of environmental and socio-economic problems, there has never been a better time to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.
Avoiding animal products is not only one of the easiest ways one can reduce the strain on food and other resources, but it is also the easiest approach to take a stand against ineffective food systems which disproportionately affects the poorest people across the globe.

Just by changing the ingredients on your plate, you can easily promote a healthy lifestyle and a better environment. Going vegan is much easier than ever before with veganism becoming more popular as increasing numbers of people from all walks of life discover the benefits of living this way.